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Which group of options is possible in SCM GATP but not in ATP in ECC?

A.    ATP check with checking horizon, ATP check at sublocation level, ATP check at batch level
B.    Backorder processing, Automated mass ATP check, ATP check for deliveries
C.    Check against ATP time series, Check against forecast, Check against allocation
D.    Combined check of basic methods, Ability to trigger multilevel production, Rules-based ATP framework

Answer: D

Which of the PP/DS options can you configure in Model and Version Management? Note: There are 3 correct answers to this question.

A.    Plan explosion
B.    Available stock types
C.    PP/DS horizon
D.    No order without source of supply
E.    Priority determination

Answer: CDE

How do you ensure that PP/DS planned orders retain the end date and quantity of previously created SNP orders?

A.    Enter the same value for the SNP production horizon and PP/DS horizon.
B.    Activate “determine date and quantity based on SNP order” in Model and Version Management for PP/DS.
C.    Use transaction /SAPAPO/SNP2PPDS or interactive function “SNP order conversion”.
D.    Maintain the SNP production horizon to start at least 1 day before the PP/DS horizon ends.

Answer: C

In what situations do you use SAP SCM APO instead of SAP ECC PP? Note: There are 3 correct answers to this question.

A.    When MRP planning logic is mandatory during a planning run
B.    When enhanced capacity planning capabilities are needed
C.    When alert messages need to be updated in a planning session that has not been saved
D.    When the low-level-code calculation is needed for all BOM structures
E.    When dependent requirements need time stamp information

Answer: BCE

How can you back up planning data to the internal BW?

A.    Create a VirtualProvider for the planning area and connect it to an InfoCube.
B.    Use transaction /SAPAPO/TSCUBE-Load Data from InfoCube.
C.    Create a DataSource for the planning area and connect it to a VirtualProvider.
D.    Create a DataSource for the planning area and connect it to an InfoCube.

Answer: D

Which configuration rule can you use to set up InfoCubes and planning object structures?

A.    Group characteristics without an n:m relation and with few values into one dimension.
B.    Set characteristics with few values as “line item dimension”.
C.    Reduce the amount of dimensions to increase the performance of an InfoCube.
D.    Group characteristics with many values into one dimension.

Answer: A

Which of the steps described below do you need to perform when creating InfoObjects to set up a DP or SNP scenario?

A.    Set up characteristics and key figures for DP and SNP in the internal BW.
B.    Create hierarchies for characteristics.
C.    Define navigational attributes for SNP characteristics.
D.    Create fixable key figures as BW key figures.

Answer: A

Your customer wants to see feasible receipt quantities in a “confirmed production” key figure in DP. What do you have to do to fulfill this request?

A.    Implement PP/DS. Only finite scheduled PP/DS orders can be used with “collaborate into DP planning book” transaction.
B.    Implement SNP or PP/DS. The “release to demand planning” transaction with key figure copy has to be used.
C.    Implement GATP. Confirmed quantities can then be updated periodically via the internal BW into the different DP planning books.
D.    Implement SNP. Only SNP can interact with DP since the time series liveCache is required.

Answer: B

Which of the following is a valid function of the internal BW?

A.    It is only used to import historical data for DP. Reporting is executed using the external BW.
B.    It can be used to back up planning results from liveCache to the database.
C.    It is only used for DP. SNP and PP/DS do not use the internal BW.
D.    Planning results stored in liveCache are automatically replicated to the database of the internal BW.

Answer: B

You want to define virtual safety stock within PP/DS. Which statements correctly describe this kind of modeling? Note: There are 3 correct answers to this question.

A.    The virtual safety stock is only “virtually” visible for the MRP run and is not included in the pegging logic.
B.    The virtual safety stock requires a separate PP/DS heuristic to become visible as a requirement during the MRP run.
C.    The virtual safety stock is only considered in the dynamic pegging logic.
D.    As soon as the material master has a safety stock value assigned, a virtual safety stock is considered during planning.
E.    The virtual safety stock logic can only be defined for an entire planning version.

Answer: ABE